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Equipped with the knowledge and confidence to transform raw ingredients into something delicious, you not only get to eat well—you get to bring people together, save money, reduce health conditions and provide self-worth.


We believe everyone should have access to healthy, delicious food, and the choice to be able to eat what they want.  

our goal
our goal

 To provide community members with unique, ethnically diverse and nutrient-rich ingredients and instruction for home meal preparation.


 We're blessed with education, the desire to work hard and an incessant craving for adventure—our farm is a culmination of these things. We strive to use our learnings to nurture and support our community. 


We're dedicated to pairing clean, locally grown food with thoughtful education, empowering you to transform nutritious foods easily into delicious meals.



committed to anti-racicsm

We welcome all members of our community and vow to serve all people regardless of race, religion, identity, sexual orientation, age or ability.


Together we can make Vermont a safe place to celebrate full-spectrum inclusion.



Young Family
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You want to feed your family local food and you want it to be delicious, easy, and safe...


Yes! We're right there with you, friends. 
We're Breana and Kieran.


 Aside from being lifelong learners and avid adventurers, we live for supporting our people and planet and love to feed, entertain and host. 


We're passionate about helping people and we're excited to extend some tasty generosity beyond our table and into our community.

hey there, neighbor!
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