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Family in the Kitchen

We love to entertain, feed and host above all else. We are passionate about helping others be successful, whether that is mentoring Ph.D. students for Kieran, or helping people be successful in the kitchen for Breana.


We are building our farm not solely as a way to produce edible goods, but also as a way to share our passion for helping others.


Kieran and Breana


led the journey 
Dairy Farmer

has been teaching at UVM for 18 years. He’s an Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate and Non-Degree Programming in the College of Education and Social Services.

After attending St. Lawrence and getting a degree in Government and African Studies, Kieran became a special education teacher in Louisiana and a participant in the Teach For America national teacher corps.


From there, he went back to Ithaca and earned a Ph.D. and M.S. in the Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education and an M.R.P. in Regional Planning from Cornell University.


With that all said, Kieran, has a passion for working with his hands and building things.


When he’s not working at the university, he’s working out in the barn on projects around the farm, or on old Toyota Land Cruisers.


Kieran has been a fixture in the land cruiser forums and community for over 20 years and even received his dog Fritz along with a shipment of Land Cruiser parts.


thought she'd become a doctor, like her parents, but as an undergrad at Emory, found herself spending a lot more time reading food magazines and cooking rather than working towards being a doctor.


After college, she headed to Le Cordon Bleu London to get a culinary degree and worked in fine dining before heading back to UNC-Chapel to get a Master’s in Public Health Nutrition and becoming a Registered Dietitian.


Catering, meal prep for clients, teaching cooking classes and running a diabetes program followed, then she got a break at a little magazine in Vermont called EatingWell.


In 8 short years, the magazine went from niche to the largest food magazine in the country.


Now, Breana is responsible for all of their recipes, nutrition and wine content…which equates to over 500 recipes per year and approximately 1500 recipe tests.

Healthy Woman
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