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$55 Market Card

When you purchase one of our market cards you will receive an additional 10% of the purchase value. The $50 purchase of this market card will give you $55 worth of purchasing power in our farm market.

$55 Market Card

Excluding Sales Tax
  • What is a Market Card?

    • Our market cards can be used for any food item in the market (including our produce, off farm produce, jams and butters, pickled and fermented foods, eggs, meat, and dry goods). 

    • Cards cannot be used for events or non-food items (ex: soap, art, pottery, mugs) 

    • There is no expiration date for our market cards, although we do encourage you to use up your balance during the summer and early fall. Our market generally tapers off beginning in late November and will close for winter break in December. 

    • Cards are sold in $50 (valued at $55) , $100 (valued at $110), and $200 (valued at $220) amounts. 

    • Market cards can be used during regular store hours (every day, 9AM-sunset)

  • How do I use the Market Card?

    • We are low-tech here in the farm Market (as many of you know!). Market cards are a 4x6 paper card on which you will keep track of your own balance. Cards will be stored in a labeled box, in alphabetical order by last name at the self-check out. 


    • The back of the card has a spot for a date, and remaining balance to be noted. There is a calculator at the check-out for your convenience! Cards will be kept in alphabetical order for organization, please put your card back in the appropriate spot. 


    • There are no taxes on food items, so you do not have to worry about adding that into your balance. 


    Question or problem with your Market Card? 

    • Not to worry! Please contact Breana at (919)210-1144

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