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Alkame Co. Rest + Restore

Our deeply nourishing Rest + Restore powder is heaven-sent for anyone feeling overwhelmed, overworked or overstimulated. Featuring herbal adaptogens and soothing nervines like ashwagandha, milky oats and lavender, this formula was crafted to support your body’s ability to relax, sleep deeply and build resilience in the face of stress.*


Grounding and restorative, Rest + Restore is best prepared at night in a cup of warm or cold milk of choice.*


Serving suggestion:

Add to 8 oz of warm or cold milk of choice. Stir or blend with a milk frother and enjoy.


Ingredients: Ashwagandha, milky oats, rose petals, lavender flowers, cinnamon. Made with 100% organically grown ingredients.

Serving size: 1.5 teaspoons

Servings per container: Small (1.3 oz net wt) -- about 15 || Large (2.7 oz net wt) -- about 30


+Not for use during pregnancy. If you have a medical condition, are breastfeeding or are taking medications, please consult with your physician before use.

*These statements not evaluated by the FDA.

Alkame Co. Rest + Restore

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