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Alkame Co. Mushroom Chocolate

An organic cacao and medicinal mushroom blend that supports immune health and overall vitality when taken regularly over time.* Easily incorporated into daily use by making into drinks or adding to oatmeal, smoothies, energy balls or fun and healthy treats.


Reishi, turkey tail and cordyceps mushrooms have traditionally been used to support optimum immune function. Blended with cacao, vanilla bean and eleuthero—an adaptogen that also helps support immune function—this synergy is delicious and perfectly balanced.


In addition to how MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE helps build a strong, resilient immune response, this formula also supports steady, grounded energy levels, adrenal function and a healthy, balanced inflammatory response.*


MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE may be enjoyed as a bitter tonic or lightly sweetened. Featuring organic USA-grown reishi, turkey tail and cordyceps mushrooms and South American heirloom cacao.



*These statements not evaluated by the FDA.

Alkame Co. Mushroom Chocolate

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