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Katie Peters


Katie was born and raised in the South, and as a life-long Tar Heel she knew that UNC-Chapel Hill was the only option for her college career. As fate would have it, she was introduced to Breana through a mutual friend during their junior year and the rest is history. While Breana pursued her interests in nutrition and public health, Katie graduated with a degree in public relations from the School of Journalism & Mass Communication in 2007. 

After getting married in 2011, Katie and her husband, Drew, moved to New Zealand for two years for a work opportunity. It was there that she began doing marketing & design consultation for small businesses and local organizations. Since returning home and starting a family, Katie has had numerous freelance projects that have kept her busy. She came on board with KCF in 2021, and continues to learn more about farming than she ever thought she would.

Katie currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, three kids and two dogs. While she wishes she could be out at the farm every week, she is very grateful for the technology that allows her to be part of this amazing endeavor even from five states away.

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